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Weixian-dried/fresh fruit,Heb.

Weixian managed cultivation has a long history and abundant resources, it is an area of 15 million mu has managed, production amounted to 20 million tons, Hebei quality pear production bases County, the state named "China managed to town." 2001, "Wei Zhou," a quality of beauty products managed by the Hebei Provincial Committee to award validated "Hebei quality products" ;2002 years, the Hebei Province "brand names" and surrounded by the fifth northern agricultural cum agricultural technology exchanges and the sixth China (Langfang) agricultural cum good seed fairs identified as "famous specialties agricultural" 2002, the Chinese production forests Association named "China famous specialties Fruit" ;2002 September 2000, Hebei Province Forestry Bureau found Weixian "Hebei free Fruit production base."    
In recent years, we focused and market demand for the production of organic fruit as the goal, in strict accordance with the PRC standard "agricultural produce quality organic fruit production safety security requirements", "agricultural safety and quality environment for free fruit origin" and the forestry sector to develop production standards managed through increased Shiyoujifei, Xiemianpenfei, optimize pollination combination of biological prevention and special Taodai address to the appropriate soil, climate conditions, a breeding Weixian managed unique qualities, produce a clean, pollution fine managed to fruit-set, a big thinner, Seyan meat small, nuclear small scrap small, orange appropriate and east, the famous "Tianjin managed" produced in Weixian. Weixian managed average Changuochong 225 grams, the largest up to 650 grams, solubility Guxingwu content 12%, and up to 16.3%, with the Tianjin heat, Jiejiu helped, heart-clearing relieve inflammation, oral beauty of the effectiveness of health value. And the registration of the "Weizhou" brand trademark, improved packaging, favored by consumers.Weixian fishes sold throughout the country, in recent years, managed export volume will continue to increase, the annual export volume of 3,000 tons in the main warehouse to West Asia, Southeast Asia, Azerbaijan, the United Arab Emirates, more than 10 countries and regions.
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