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Terms of Use

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Any users are strongly advised to read carefully the following clauses and understand the content of the terms of use. Before you use this website, you are supposed to have already known and accepted these clauses perfectly well and to take any legal responsibility if you have done anything against the following clauses:

1.  The use of  this  website
ATA websites, meaning all the websites under the administration of ATAHK Group Limited, keep power of interpretation of content of ATA websites, they are used to offer Your Excellency individual to these websites content only. As to the thing that the copyright included in the content and other ownership declare, you should respect and keep in its copy. If websites’ content has no right to declare , do not enjoy rights to it without representing websites, do not mean either websites , do not advocate the right , you should respect the legitimate rights and interests of these contents and use legally according to the sincere principle. You can't revise, duplicate, show, announce or distribute these materials or use them for the any open or commercial purpose in other ways publicly by any way. Forbid using these materials for any other websites, other levels media or network computer environment with any purposes. Such forms as the content and editor on ATA websites, etc. receive such legal protections as the copyright law, etc., any use without permission may form infringement of copyright, trademark and other legal rights. If you accept or is it agreed on while being above-mentioned to violate, you use the mandate of our websites to stop automatically, at the same time you should destroy any already download or type the good our website content immediately.

2. The information released on the website
ATA do not absolutely guarantee the accuracy of the information of our website and absolute integrality either. Technology, scheme, price and disposing, etc. will be altered at any time, forgive me for not issuing a separate notice. The content in our website may already overdue, ATA promises to upgrade them from time to time. The information that our websites release may be procedure or services that can't still be got at ATA service network, your consultation to the native business person or ATAt’s franchisees will be final to give advice for or on behalf of ATAHK Group Limited.

3.  Users offer information
Besides content that the personal secrets clause of our websites stipulates, any other material, information or contact way (hereinafter referred to as information) which you send or post to our website will be considered as unclassified and non- exclusive. Your use for ATA websites can't violate the laws and regulations and public morals , can't post or send from ATA websites any illegal threatening , slandering , obscene, pornographic materials. If relevant people put forward warning or objection that really have the evidence to the content and influence of this information, online browsing that this website discontinued this information when delete these information or limitless at any time, needn't obtain the consent of the persons who submit in advance, also have no obligation to notify the persons who submit afterwards, the situation is serious, ATA websites can take and cancel this users.

4. Users exchange the information
ATA has no responsibility for controlling or checking the users to send or copy information or any field of message that exchange alone each other. ATA will not bear any responsibility to the content about any of this kind of exchange that post on our website, although they will cause the questions of slandering, personal secrets, obscene or other respects.

5. Download the software on our website 
If you download the software from our websites, should observe all permission clauses in the software permission agreement that this software carries while using the software. Before you read and accept every clauses of the agreement you can't download or install this software.

6. The Chain with third party's websites
The chaining or linking that this website reaches third party's websites is served and offered to you only as a kind of convenience. If you use the linking, you will leave ATA’s websites. ATA has never examined any third party's websites. We do not control the contents of these websites and, do not shoulder any responsibility either. If you decide to visit the third parties of any and this website chaining in websites, its result and risk that may bring out are all undertaken by yourself.

7. General Principals
ATA may modify these clauses at any time. You should visit ATA websites frequently to know the clauses in time, as they are very important to you. Any users can’t go against the terms of use when they use the content or information or post in theses websites.
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