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Xinji-fur and leather,Hebei ..


Xinji is located in north China Hebei province, 65km east to Shijiazhuang and 250km to Beijing,enjoying convenient transportation with railway, national road and highway running across the region.

Credited as "the commercial leather center in China",Xinji is worldwide famous for its quality leather produced. The leather business development was originated from Ming dynasty and became particularly prosperous in Qing dynasty. Xinji was an important business center of Hebei province where leather products were concenrated most and circulated frequently. Since the "Reforming and opening up of China", Xinji leather industry has been developed rapidly. Now, leather production has become the primary supporting industry of the city.

Xinji Leather Enterprise Association was founded in July 2001 and now consists about 60 member enterprises. The Association supplies a broad variety of leather products, including garment leather, shoe upper leather and upholstery leather made from sheep, oxhide and pigskin, and cashmere overcoat, fur coat, leather case and fur collars in totally 8 categories and over 200 varieties. At present, 8 enterprises have made their sales volume exceeding 100 million yuan and 15 enterprises exceeding 50 million yuan. The Association produces 25,000,000 pieces sheep garment leather, shoe upper leather and upholstery leather, 3,000,000 sheepskin garments and 11,000,000 other leather products per year. Both the equipment and processing technology are of world advanced level. Now, Jixin has become the country's largest leather production and sales center, offering quality leather products not only to nationwide but also to major overseas markets including Russia, Japan, Korea, North America, Europe and Middle Asia. The annual export volume of leather garments is 2,500,000 pieces and the sheep garment leather is 40,000,000 square foot. The annual sale volume of the Association is 4,000 million yuan, annual export value amounts to $250 million and foreign exchange generated up to 200 million US dollars. In 2001, Xinji was named "China's Capital of Leather and Leather Garment" by China Light Industry Association and China Leather Industry Association. By now, 15 enterprises have received the certificate of conformity of ISO9000 standard and 36 brands are authorized to use the symbol of "real leather". Particularly, SIMAN and SHULAN brands were honored the "China Top 10 Leather Garment Brand". The association currently has 20 enterprises specialized in leather manufacturing, including the Dongming Leather Industry Group, Yuanhengli Leather Co., Ltd., Hongsihai Leather Co., Ltd., Shengtian Leather Co., Ltd., Beida Leather Co., Ltd., Hongyang Leather Co., Ltd., Xinji Tengyue Leather Co., Ltd., the total output capacity of which is about 10,000 pieces per day. The sheep leather production accounts 40% of the total output amount of the country. The unique breadth and quality of our products are guaranteed by our advanced equipment, technology and strict quality control.
We sincerely wish to establish contact and seek possibility of cooperation with interested partners from both home and abroad. Let's work for a better business development of both!

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