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1. Background of the Project
Taihe County is situated in the northwest of Anhui Province. It is one of commodity grain bases in China. Its western medicine material trading market ranks first in Anhui Province. So it is said that "when talking about Mint in the world, one will refer to China and India; when talking about Mint in China, one will refer to Taihe County". Taihe is a new and developing industrial and trade city taking medicine, food processing as its main industries.

2. Content and Scale
The project includes one sewage treatment plant (40,000t/d) and 34.45-km sewage pipelines (80,000t/d) which are laid in the service area of the sewage treatment plant. The project needs land of 120 mu, the total investment is RMB 113 million yuan. The construction period is 3 years and it will be completed in 2002.

3. Investment Estimate and Funds-raising Scheme
The total investment is estimated at RMB111.6928 million yuan including the fixed assets of 105.7368 million yuan, loan interest during construction period of 5.5352 million yuan and circulating funds 0.4208 million yuan.
The sources of funds are as follows:
a. Loan from World Bank US$ 6.5 million (RMB 54 million);
b. Applying for the State Financial Special Funds of 8 million yuan;
c. Matching funds from localities of RMB51 million yuan, raised in 3 years.

4. Progress of the Project
a. Sewage Treatment Plant has already been submitted to the State Development and Planning Commission for approval. Feasibility studies report applying for loans from the World Bank, drawn up by Dutch experts according to the requirement of World Bank, will be submitted to the State Development and Planning Commission.
b. Environmental Effect Evaluation Report has been worked out and approved in August 1999.
c. The expansion plan is being developed and will be approved by October 1999.
d. The land using for the project has been approved in principle by Anhui Provincial Bureau of Land Administration. Now, the related formalities are being gone through.

5. Analysis of Economic Benefits and Social Effects
After the construction of Sewage Treatment Plant, water quality will be improved greatly which has good economic and social effect. First, it will benefit the development of local brewery industry, agriculture and fishery industry. Second, the environment will be beautified and the general level of the people's health will be improved as well.

6.Way of Cooperation

7.Brief Introduction to Project Unit
Taihe County Urban Engineering Company was set up in 1988. There are 205 employees including 5 engineers, 1 economist. It owns complete set of modernized mechanical equipment. Its fixed assets amount to 20 million yuan with annual output value of more than 20 million Yuan.

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