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Britain Company Incorporation


UK, which is the island country located in west of Europe, it is also one of the international economic powerful countries; its gross domestic product occupies the forefront among the western countries. Capital London is international insurance center and the biggest international market of foreign exchange of world, at the same that in one of the biggest financial and trading central in the world.

UK is one of the U.N. Security Council Permanent Members, is the important member state of the 120 international organizations such as European Union, NATO the British Commonwealth and Western European Union. England is the second big trading partner in European Union of China.


1. Advantage of UK Companies

The procedure of registered company in UK is easier. The paid-up capitals are not due. No operation in UK no taxes (sales taxes). The annual maintenance is lower, taxes declaration is convenient. Tax has been easy to arranged; May open bank account in Hong Kong and UK, May company's nominal business property; It may be been cleared by the customs in 24 hours that under normal condition, entering the goods of England; May appear on the market in the major financial market and Hong Kong of all parts of the world to finance. When UK registered company is to set up, it is the wise choice to broaden international market


2. Company’s name

Companies’ name need end with the “Limited”. The sensitive words such as “loyal or princess” should be avoided


3. Registered Capital

The minimum registered capital is 100 pounds. The government levies 0.5% tax on registered capital.


4. Shareholders and Directors

One or more than one shareholders at the age of 18 or above


5. Legal Secretary and Registered Address

SECRETARY: Secretary should be in residents in UK, nationality is not limited

ADDRESS: Every company must have a registered office in UK.

Legal secretary and registered address may be provided by ATA

Should you require any further information, please contact ATA.


6. Business Activities

One of the most exciting events included in the formation of a UK company is free business scope; In principle Business scope is really not defined by the government for the business you conduct in UK business registration.  Generally speaking, business scope is not really limited in UK Company.


7. Company Kit

1. Certificate of incorporation;
2. 16 copies of memorandum and articles of association of the company;
3. Share certificates;
4. Statutory book;
5. Three pieces of chops;
6. A book of receipt;
7. Professional service

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