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ShanTou fruit center market

ShanTou fruit center market through ShanTou City people the government 1996 [Shan mansion does the letter 1996(31 number) text ]s grant, being programed by municipal to program with national territory resources bureau, the municipal is the second building design profession designs, building shape grand view, is a current YueDong region scale market?
The market locates the hill path train freight transportation north stands opposite, be apart from the airport only 3 kilometers of, be apart from the train guest stands, the car passenger transportation stands only 4 kilometers of, be apart from the deep , the superhighway of 2 kilometers of, the transportation is convenient, the geography position is superior.The market covers area more than 100 acres, a the period sets up the company spreads 280,5000 ton jelly telephone:833099), bank, industry and business a.An inside road is leading everywhere, the all-directions television networks supervises and control, establish the profession website, on time provide national every locality fruit condition of the market.The market is since the 1996 starts practice on November 11, company's swarms about, trading active, the merchandise radiates whole country more than 20 cities, autonomous region, annually for the country the house creates tax law benefit more, periodically holding for the personnel who be unemployeed the fruit wholesale the special subject operate the business trains, resolving the part be unemployeed the again taking up employment of the personnel the problem.
Under the governmental concern in , area in a , city hall, dragon lake District in with the support, the a fruit center market enters with hour , repairing through extension,15 days are solemn and impressive to open for business in 2004 March, enjoying the television station of Guangdong, a television station with news agency etc. many the concern of the house medium.Current market facilities more kit, manage more perfect.Often appoint year legal adviser, on time provide the necessary law help for the executive.The thing industry manages the personnel regard serving as the aim manages the market, an inside hygiene is clean and neat,24 hours in security personnel patrol the service.The always heavy contract in executive keeps promise, fair deal, civilization management.Since start practice, market for successive years " thin in ? in door bolt generation the puts the the ⑹ the protects the the the hey hot in in nightmare [ hello the dream remains the silly the light .
Market two periods use 50 acres :ground, the plan builds the large agriculture by-product wholesale center.( the center's parking lot and front doors establish in the fruit center market south)Welcome the large customer the offering building function, kit function with effectively of the cooperation operates the project, adopting as soon as, willing give heavy prize.
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