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Foreign traders value business opportunities in export fair

GUANGZHOU, April 17 (Xinhuanet) -- Over 7,600 foreign visitors from 151 countries have come to participate in the ongoing 93rd China Export Commodities Fair.

The biannual fair, the country's largest foreign trade event, which opened on April 15 and which will close on April 30, is being held in the capital of south China's Guangdong Province.

German businessman Gerd Obermeit said that he had made the decision to attend the fair after careful consideration and he felt he made the right choice.

Actually, many foreign visitors think it wise to participate in the fair since it groups nearly every type of China's export commodities.

China has become a crucial link in global supply chains. Statistics from Chinese customs departments show that the country registered a total export volume of 86.32 billion US dollars in the first quarter of this year, 33.5 percent higher than that of the same period last year.

In an exhibition hall covering 310,000 square meters, over 9,000 domestic suppliers are displaying a great variety of export commodities, including toys, textiles, home electric appliances, medicines, foodstuffs and mineral products.

"The commodities here are inexpensive and varied. They are alsopopular among consumers," Gerd said.

Gerd and his companions soon settled on a six-unit set of sound equipment priced at 125 dollars, considering it to be of sound quality and appropriately priced.

Chinese participants are also using attractively-designed booths to attract foreign customers.

Yu Haowei, general manager with Shanghai Yuchuang InternationalTrade Co., Ltd., said that the display of computer fittings and software and digital equipment in his booth prove to be very attractive. Thus far, hundreds of overseas businessmen have asked him for information on these products.

"We've already signed an agreement to export 100,000 dollars incomputer fittings to Israel, and we've got the down payment," Yu said.

Some countries and areas even launched commercial promotional activities at the fair in a bid to attract China's top manufacturers and traders.

Othman Samin, Malaysian general consul in Guangzhou, and Tain Kai Hee, secretary of the Malaysia-China Friendship Association, also came to the fair Wednesday afternoon to promote business opportunities in Malaysia.

"I was concerned about SARS before I came, but everything is ingood order here and people don't wear masks," said Tain, who expressed his hope that trade between China and Malaysia would not be affected.

Turkish businessman Gokhan Barin expressed great confidence in the Chinese government's efforts to combat the disease. He said, "I believe that SARS is effectively contained here."

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